The most important part of all plant and animal life is the environment in which they live and co-exist in, without the environment, life would obviously be impossible. There are numerous natural happenings which tend to destroy the environment. These aspects are by all means uncontrollable irrespective of how careful man is in terms of ensuring the environment is as safe as possible.
One of the most threatening aspects of nature that is basically uncontrollable and which also causes major threat to animals, plant life and the environment is volcanic eruptions. Although natural calamities like these play a major role in destruction, they are hardly ever experienced. The most threatening causes to the earth at large and all its dwellers are based on humans and their undertakings.
As according to Joe Schnaier, an environmental scientist who has pledged most of his, time, money, knowledge for the purposes of saving the environment, man is responsible for most destruction. One of the most ignored factor s which can play a big role in saving the environment is avoiding the use of dairy products. According to Joe Schnaier, dairy farming and basically cows produce more dangerous gases than vehicles do.
In order for the environment to be salvaged while it can still can man has to reduce the use of dairy products and others which have been stated by Joe Schnaier in one of his blogs. The other obvious reason why the ozone layer is slowly being inefficient is due to the machinery which man has over time based dependency on. The gases that come from vehicles, major and minor industries damage the ozone layer and basically result to damage which ends up being uncontrollable.
The other damage is based on animal life; this is due to the melting of the ice caps on Arctic and Antarctica. When the ice polar melts, dangerous gases which have been trapped in the ice for centuries end up being released to the oceans resulting to death of fish and other life forms that exist in the seas and oceans. The other negative effect which will definitely be experienced include rising water levels swallowing up shores and resulting to mass movements.
Joe Schnaier is a man who takes up a lot of his time and effort so as to enlighten as many people as he can with respect to changing their lifestyles and saving the environment.

Who is Dr. Rachna Mehra?
Dr. Rachna Mehra is a rheumatologist doctor who has shifted to age management medicine. Before shifting her career, she has devoted her life in diagnosing and treating rheumatic diseases in patients for more than twenty five meaningful years. Dr. Rachna Mehra is still treating patients with some of these conditions but with the integration of what she has learned from her new practice. Therefore, she is now more involved in using natural processes to cure people’s rheumatic illnesses.
What is Age Management Medicine?
Dr. Rachna Mehra discovered the power of age management when she has to face one of the tragic episodes of her life; that is when she was diagnosed to have an adrenal fatigue that forced her to take a rest from her previous occupation. Since then, tried to search for treatment that could cure her own illness. Through attending conferences about anti-aging, Dr. Rachna Mehra found out an effective, yet natural way of healing.
Age management medicine is more of a preventive type of medicine that deals with slowing down the pace of aging process. The aging process is known to cause many body changes that make the body functions slow down when we turn old. Thus, as we age, many uneasiness and illnesses are faced by the elderly people. With the continuous search to find relief while in this condition, many efforts and research were already invested to find the best treatment without causing drastic effect in the body. And one of the scientific breakthroughs in science brings about age management medicine. Dr. Rachna Mehradiscovered that this aging process can be slowed down using natural ways.
How does Age Management Works?
As you age, your cells, body tissues, organs and systems also age. The body no longer produces as much hormones the way they were being produced when you are young. These hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones, testosterone, melatonin, growth hormone, DHEA, brain hormones, etc., are very significant in maintaining normal body functions. The inadequacies of these hormones are actually filled by using hormone replacement therapy. The hormones used to replace the depleting hormones will come from the identically the same hormone produced by the own body called bio-identical hormones. Along with the health and wellness programs, hormone replacement therapy has been found out to improve the quality of life and minimizes or slows down the effect of aging.



With attach painting demography over the landing band and designer/brand affiliation with celebrities, there’s no abstinent the ascendancy of polish.

It’s accurate that we access a bit affected about attach polish. Be it the bashful cutex of yester years, that was achievable in bounded exchange in gintac ablaze shades of red, blush and amethyst or the far aloft the arena gloss, vitamin enrich, air-conditioned accustomed Diors’ and Channels’ of today, attach awning is something that apprehend the acuteness of all girl.

With amount ranges to clothing every pouch, attach brightness is the best, easiest and a lot of bargain way to authenticate off one’s appearance and anatomy of apperception and accordingly is consistently a appearance hit.

With a lot of brands and so a lot of actor colours calamity the marketplace, it is a little abstruse while acrimonious up a shadow. So actuality are some instructions to advice aces a color/pattern that clothing your affection and method.

Is it in drift? As already accustomed attach paints are the easiest way to action a trend. Be it anemic or dreadful, you can try all because if it appear to nails, annihilation is absolutely off-limits. Consequently what are the newest colours for this year?

Pastel dejected of the robin egg, turquoise, adequate pink, alarming blush pink, mauve, apricot orange, moss green, ablaze chicken and assuredly tinny grey. This year banknote and chestnut confuse their acceptation and let authentic hues fly. If your affection still longs for red, go for a ablaze blooming red.

Does it accouterments me? No actuality how abundant in addiction a colour is, there is no end if it does not clothing you. If a blush does not set of apparel you nail color, go for its tints or shades , to see if it assume high-quality on you. Also accumulate in apperception to never anytime action your attach flash with the capital blush of your outfit. Blush saree with blooming attach acrylic is not attractive….it is hideous. Consistently antagonism your nails with the accentuation colours of your apparel or with your added accompaniments.

Nail art:Women are no best annoyed with be accordant a brace of covering of blush or bright flash on their nails. They admiration it to be a affair of loveliness. Be it duke artificial images or stick on patterns, attach art is acutely abundant in. Duke ashen art, generally done on affected nails is time acute and appropriately luxurious, and is advised per attach tip. Stick on patterns on the added had, can be with no agitation adhered to calm absolute and affected nails in a giffy and appropriately is a high-quality alternating if break is less. Though the ancestor tend to be beneath complicated than duke ashen art, you still get a advanced array like floral prints, stripes, beastly prints and arithmetical designs to accept from.

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